"Plant It" is an entryway into the world of plant magic and earth fantasy. A musical journey through mystical lands of synth waves and vibrations.
Director: Alberta Poon
Producer: Sarah Baker
DP: Robert Schmeltzer
Musician: Amenta Abioto
Assistant Camera: Jill Petracek
Production Designer: Gabi Villasenor
Plant Daddy: Shawn Creeden
Gaffer/Grip: David Van Auken
TV synthesis: Sarah Turner
Stylist: Vaughn Kimmons
HMUA: Stormy Brady
Editor/Colorist: Alberta Poon
PA: Dallas Brown
Production House: Boogie Buffet Productions

Music video for Amenta Abioto


In order to complement Amenta Abioto’s fantastical song Plant It, I knew I had to create a visual landscape as equally vibrant and otherworldly. Amenta saw nature as a source of magic to manifest her dreams from. To convey that visually, I pulled together a group of visionary artists to create a breathtaking plantscape infused with pastel lighting, analog television sets, mementos, and even a chameleon for Amenta to engage with. Her shamantic journey through surreal worlds, adorned in vestments inspired by wardrobes from the film The Color of Pomegranates, tells a beautiful story of her connection with nature – whether she is outside frolicing in it, or enshrined by a futuristic plant lair.

Plant it has screened at Local Sighting Film Festival, Tacoma Film Festival, and many more.
Behind the scenes photos by Lyudmila Zotova
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