Based in Portland, OR, Alberta Poon is a first-generation Chinese-American writer and director. The creative aura surrounding her work emanates from years of fronting musical acts, developing shorts for her comedic web series Scorpiono, and working with her hands as a metalsmith. Alberta’s process begins with lived experience and is filtered through a fantastical, comedic lens. Her eye for detail and ability to bring out the best of her subjects are key elements of her work -- whether she is directing live action or developing stories in post. On principle, Alberta strives for diversity and the incorporation of powerful female characters to tell their exceptional stories. A common thread that ties her work together is inclusivity within underrepresented communities, both in front and behind the camera. Alberta’s films have been screened in the Tacoma Film Festival, SPLIFF, Local Sightings Film Festival, and her work has been featured in Vogue (twice), Broccoli Magazine, Ads of the World, Campaign US, and The Portland Mercury. She has directed campaigns for Adidas, Society Nine, and She Shreds Media.
Alberta is the founder of Nocturnal Uniform Productions.

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