Writer/Director Alberta Poon on 
Hiring Underrepresented Talent 
and Telling Untold Stories
The Portland filmmaker explains her recent 
projects and the values behind them

By Ashley Epping on Oct 06 2020
Alberta Poon is a first-generation Chinese-American writer and director. The creative aura surrounding her work emanates from years of fronting musical acts, developing shorts for her comedic web series Scorpiono, and working with her hands as a metalsmith. On principle, Alberta strives for diversity and the incorporation of powerful female characters to tell their exceptional stories. A common thread that ties her work together is inclusivity within underrepresented communities, both in front of and behind the camera.
Through Alberta's commitment to creating inclusive spaces and pursuing subject matters she can personally resonate with, her work is a perfect example of unapologetic tenderness. In this inaugural edition of our new video interview series Long Story Short, Alberta talks to us about authenticity in advertising, how to find your voice, and her love for FKA twigs' use of wire work in her music video for "Sad Day."
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