A woman’s indulgent night in alone takes a drastic turn.

Written and Directed by: Alberta Poon
Creative Producer: Sarah Baker
DP: Scott Uyeda
Production Designer: Gabi Villasenor
Talent: Kyra Richards
Assistant Camera: Victoria Lahti
Field Audio: Raquel Divar
Gaffer/Grip: David Van Auken
Stylist: Sarah Baker
HMUA: Stormy Brady
Food Stylist and BTS Photographer: Salimatu Amabebe
PA: Michelle Gonzales
Sound Designer and Score: Jesse Mejia
Editor/Colorist/Special FX: Alberta Poon
Production House: Boogie Buffet Productions

Special Thanks to Koerner Camera, Clutch Camera and Lighting, Finger Bang.

Premiered at Broccoli Magazine's IN BLOOM festival. 
When Broccoli Magazine reached out to my collaborators and I to make a cannabis-related film which would premiere at the three day In Bloom festival, I was ecstatic and started writing a story based on true events. True events I know all too well...because they happen every. single. night.
It’s Lit is a genre-bending short film (4:20) about a woman’s “trip” gone awry during an indulgent night in alone. To immerse the viewer into our protagonist’s mindset, I implemented ASMR techniques into this horror/comedy to amplify the sensation of when you’ve “overdone it”. Most of the foley was re-done in post to heighten that Jello-shakin’ sound. Green screen visual effects are used at the climax to drive the beautiful nightmare home. 

It’s Lit has been featured by Vogue Magazine (twice), and screened at Broccoli Magazine’s In Bloom festival, Local Sightings Film Festival, POW film festival, and SPLIFF.
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