EXCLUSIVE: Mentorship Matters, an initiative aimed at boosting opportunities for emerging writers of color, has announced 25 writer mentees for its 2023 program, along with participating showrunner/executive producers.
Now in its second year, Mentorship Matters was developed by showrunners committed to using their positions to advocate for and help create opportunities for writers of color. With sponsorship from Amazon and AMC Networks, the program includes a year of consistent, in-depth mentorship and creative advocacy from a committed showrunner. It also includes guidance with developing and polishing an original writing sample along with panels and seminars with high-level industry professionals. Each mentee will be paired with a participating showrunner/executive producer mentor.
In the program’s inaugural year, 14 out of 23 mentees found representation, 8 were staffed on shows including Billions (Showtime), Criminal Minds: Evolution (Paramount+), Walker: Independence (The CW), and The Power (Amazon), and 1 signed an overall deal with Sony TV Studios.
Showrunners selected their 2023 Mentees from over 900 applicants from all over the U.S., with varying experiences and backgrounds. The 2023 Mentees include: Alberta Poon, Alessandra Jara Del Castillo, Alexander Rojas, Antoine Perry, Arielle McAlpin, Brittany Turner, Callie Chiang, Cara Washington, Chelsea Ishikawa, Cindy Chu, Edith Rodriguez, Habib Yazdi, Jacquelyn Revere, Jai Franklin Sarki, Lauren Marissa Smith, Lindsay Opoku- Acheampong, Micah Khan, Neda Davarpanah, Prashant Nashi, Serena Lam, Sofia Quintero, Tara Aquino, Thea Rodgers, Tony Koros, Zimran Jacob.
Showrunner mentors include: Andrew Chambliss, Angela Kang, Dara Resnik, Davita Scarlett, Erica Oyama, Erika Green Swafford, Jen Braeden, Jennifer Cacicio, Jennifer Cecil, Jenniffer Gomez, Kay Oyegun, KC Perry, Kelly Galuska, Keto Shimizu, Lauren Mackenzie & Andy Gettens, Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, Matt Tarses, Monica Macer, Neil Reynolds, Niceole Levy, Scott Reynolds, Speed Weed, Terri Kopp, Vijal Patel and Wendy Mericle.

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