Bee The Change is a buzzworthy PSA swarming with un-BEE-lievably simple tips and advice on how BEE-nevolent homeowners and gardeners can make their yards more BEE-uatiful and welcoming to our precious honey bee neighbors. Don’t be buggin’!
Client: Making Earth Cool
Director/Writer: Alberta Poon
Creative Producer: Sarah Baker
Producer: Nora Collie
DP: Matt Hayes
Production Designer: Gabi Villasenor
Set Dresser: Shawn Creeden
Set Dresser: Angela Mcilvain
Hair Makeup Artist: Stormy Brady
Stylist: Sarah Baker
Bee Costume: Rose Mackey
Flower Costumes: Julia Calabrese​​​​​​​
AC: Amanda Kulmac
2nd AC/DIT Makayla Caldwell 
Gaffer: Logan Reynolds
Grip: Craig Gruenwald 
Audio Mixer/Boom: Dickie Dahl
Craft Services: Lekadia Mattson
Sound Designer & Re-Recordist: Mike McKinnon
Editor: Alberta Poon
Colorist: Jasmine Vazquez
Original Score: Luke Wyland
BTS by Christine Dong
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