Client: Snackbloc
Director: Alberta Poon 
Talent: Masyn Wade
Producer: Raquel Saldivar 
Writers: Masyn Wade, Raquel Saldivar, Claire Hansen
Voice Over: Raquel Saldivar 
Set Design: Cee Gale, The Finds Vintage
Wardrobe: The Finds Vintage
Stylist: Cee Gale
Make Up Artist: Ale Mendez 
Sound: Raquel Saldivar 
Assistant Director: Catherine Johnson
Gaffer: Logan Reynolds
Production Assistants: Nicole Harber, Isabeau Waia'u Walker
For this PSA, I wanted to playfully bring awareness to Snackbloc’s community resources and the Black Lives Matter movement. Creating something informative, yet humorous is what sets this piece apart from existing media pertaining to the movement. In order to do this, a tight rope had to be walked between entertainment and serious subject matter. The use of multi-camera work elevated the comedic timing, which was crucial to the success of this piece. ​​​​​​​
The PSA was reshared hundreds of times on Social Media and written up by The Willamette Week.
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